Clinical Sports & Remedial Deep Tissue Massage; Company On-site Massage; Holistic Massage; Nutrition; Wellbeing at Work

Sports massage helps to restore stressed, strained muscles that have been injured in some way, whether through professional or amateur sports events, or as part of injury rehabilitation following an accident, from whiplash to trips & falls. It is also important for any work-related injuries, from the strain and discomfort caused by poor posture at your desk, to dancers and musicians.

Sports massage works on a particular local problem, stretching muscle fibres. Deep tissue massage can help:

  • improve muscle and joint flexibility;
  • reduce injury time;
  • lessen the risk of further injuries;
  • restore balance to the muscular-skeletal system.

As part of sports and remedial massage, a full consultation takes place with the client to ascertain the extent of the injury and its treatment. Advice is also given on posture to aid recovery and relevant stretching exercises. So, whether you have a twinge after the odd round of golf, have a work-related posture problem, or are looking for regular sports massage support, call for an informal chat on how Rebekah can help.

Company on-site massage is easy and hassle free, and was created so as to experience the benefits of massage in the work environment. Massage is given in a specially adapted chair to fully clothed clients and does not use any oils. Sessions are usually 20 minutes long and focus on the neck and shoulders, back, arms, and head.

Many firms now recognise the benefits of seated chair massage, especially in terms of rewarding staff. It can help maintain low absence rates plus high morale and retention, not to mention a less stressed workforce. Some 75% of illnesses are derived from stress. With such a commitment to staff, many companies see improved productivity, quality, and customer services as a result. Arrangements can be made to come to your offices for between six to twelve clients per half day.

Rebekah is available to work for half or full days at your office, school or company.

Holistic massage is a powerful antidote to help relieve stress and tension. De-stressing full body massage with rich, aromatic oils, and Indian Head Massage are available to you. If you are planning a wedding or special birthday and looking for a little pampering, Rebekah can come to your home and work with you and your special friends before your big day.

Healthy eating is an essential part of wellbeing. According to nutrition expert Patrick Holford, a good diet can help: improve mental clarity, mood and concentration; increase your IQ; increase physical performance; improve resistance to infections; and extend your lifespan. Poor diets have been linked with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol build up, and high blood pressure.

People are often bombarded with messages about what to eat and sometimes it can all become a little confusing. A consultation with Viva Wellbeing can help you untangle what to eat, when, and how much, in your own time in total confidence.

If you are looking to lose a little weight perhaps before a special event, want to watch the amount of saturated fat or sugar you eat, or just understand more about healthy eating, contact Rebekah. Rebekah does not believe in being a food martyr – healthy eating is not about fad diets, watching the number of ‘food points’ you eat or going without certain foods; it is about sensible, enjoyable eating for life.

Massage and healthy eating advice is available at £25 for 30 minute treatment, £35 for 45 minute treatment, £45 for 60 minute treatment or £60 for 90 minute treatment. Please call for further details on company on site massage.

Wellbeing at work and investing in employees can see an improvement in organisational performance, and engagement is likely to increase. With considerable experience of working with senior executives in a number of industries, Rebekah Gilbert can help you introduce a company wellbeing policy, or one off wellbeing programmes. These can be aimed at an SME’s entire workforce (eg healthy eating and get fit campaigns, postural assessments, and relaxation classes) or targeted at senior or line managers (eg for cultural change and empowering the team).

Research by BUPA has shown that good quality work is associated with higher levels of wellbeing and lower incidents of ill health; and that nearly a third of the burden of disease and disability in the UK is linked to lifestyle behaviours, including smoking, alcohol consumption and obesity. The Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) states that an employer has a duty of care to the health, safety and welfare of employees. Minimising stress & mental ill health, and maximising the wellbeing of employees comes within this remit.

Consultancy charges are available on request and tailored to your specific requirements.

Rebekah Gilbert has a passion for anatomy, physiology & posture, which led her to retrain as a sports & remedial massage therapist from 2005-07, gaining professional diplomas in holistic, on-site, and sports massage plus stress management. In 2010 she gained the Royal Society of Public Health’s Higher Diploma in Nutrition & Health (Hons), with specialist paper in sports nutrition. From 2011-12 she trained at the highly prestigious London School of Sports Massage with Mel Cash, one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject, gaining the UKs highest qualification in sports & remedial massage.

Rebekah started her practice in Beckenham in 2006. She has worked as a freelancer in London and now in Sussex, and has worked in clinics. She has also been a member of the team at the Hastings half marathon.

Clients have included those suffering from professional, work, sports or health-related soft tissue ailments: Professional and amateur dancers, footballers, marathon runners, Fitness, Zumba & Tai Chi teachers; Politicians to plumbers; Musicians; and older clients following injuries and falls. Many clients come with neck and back problems, areas in which Rebekah subsequently specialises.

Rebekah is a member of the Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage, adheres to their professional standards and code of conduct, and through whom she is insured.